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RHC x Maude Barrel Vorders

RHC x Maude Barrel Vorders

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Merry Christmas ya filthy geese!

Conveniently in time for the biggest commercial holiday of the year we bring you our Christmas offering Barrel Vorders.

Handsome Ben from Maude Coffee Roasters called us, all excited with an idea a few months back. "Lets buy a scotch barrel and put coffee in it!" 

If I had to accurately describe the level of his excitement in Christmas terms I'd say it was similar to when Hans Gruber found out Holly Gennaro was the estranged wife of John McClane in Die Hard.

We bought a Laphroaig whisky barrel and filled it with 60kg of green coffee from Huila, Columbia and there it rested for seven weeks, disturbed 3 times a week by the delicate hands of Ben rolling it about for maximum contact with the barrel.

It would be remiss of me to not mention the influence of Darkwoods Coffee on this. I had their Common Grounds barrel aged coffee while visiting Opposite Cafe in Chapel Allerton a couple of years back and it was one of the best coffees I've ever tasted so we're basically well behind those trail blazers!

We can't tell you who we've named it after for legal reasons but we can tell you that we are donating £1 for every bag sold to Leeds based charity Simon on the Streets in her (oops) honour.

Its rich and boozy just like James Clegg.

Pictures courtesy of @carolvorders
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